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School Ad Films

Krishnamurti Foundation India's Rajghat Besant School approached us for the production of several ad films as a part of their social media promotion exercise. Our solution was a set of three mindful films, about how your kid will feel in the amazing school.

"Krishnamurti regards education as of prime significance in the communication of that which is central to the transformation of the human mind and the creation of a new culture."

Moonlight Pictures recently worked on the design, filming, and editing of three ad films for Rajghat Besant School, part of Krishnamurti Foundation India, based in Varanasi, India. Filmed with three distinct identities, an overview of the school's core values, hostel life, and the academic philosophy, Moonlight utilized minimal staging, and yet pulled off films that convey the warmth, peace, and happy atmosphere at the school.

Founded by J. Krishnamurti, a sage, philosopher, and thinker, whose true life mission was to set men unconditionally free, Rajghat Besant School's core follows his philosophies.

Moonlight therefore produced films that not only convey that philosophy in context, but also in the feeling and texture of the project. No hard advertising was used— these ad films are expressive, simple, and timeless.

"Such a fundamental transformation takes place when the child, while being trained in various skills and disciplines, is also given the capacity to be awake to the processes of his own thinking, feeling and action."

The filming was done in 3 days with our award-winning film crew from Mumbai and state-of the-art equipment. Because students were in the middle of an ongoing exam, each shot had to be coordinated down to the minute; often, shots were rehearsed with the team in empty classrooms before quickly shifting to the shooting location and pulling off the shots with the students' limited time in a beautiful, authentic way.

- Storyboards and plans from the pre-production

The storyboards had to be precise, and planned in a way that allowed shots to be divided between outdoor and indoor sequences, allowing the film crew to have adequate time to set up lighting for the indoor shots.

In fact, one of the keys to the project was the fact that so little was staged. In line with J. Krishnamurti's philosophies of transforming the human mind, we wanted these films to have the genuine energy and experience of students at the school.

Capturing the rustic

All three films were shot in 4K raw film format, which allowed us to create beautiful color correction in post-production to channel the feeling and grit of the warm, subtle adverts.

The aim was to capture the earthy feeling of the campus, the rustic beauty of the old buildings and the lush green campus. Also, the video had to reciprocate a vibe of childish innocence. The color palette of the project was thus decided to be vivid and deep.

- Before and after the color grading stage
"This alertness makes him self-critical and observant and thus establishes an integrity of perception, discrimination and action, crucial to the maturing within him of a right relationship to Man, to nature and to the tools Man creates."
From the Introduction to 'Life Ahead'

The process of creating a beautiful film all comes down to the feeling: what do your clients want to convey to the world about their initiative? What is their story, their core beliefs? Because Rajghat Besant School believes that, beyond everything else, students must grow into thoughtful, happy individuals.

Moonlight needed this alternative philosophy to be embedded into every storyboard, shot, lighting design, color, narration, and film flow. It had to come from within. The audience had to feel it in their hearts, without being told...

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