From the lands beyond

Brand Film

Brand Film for the USA based luxury brand Devam, that explores the Indian origins of exquisite arts and tries to root the company in the panoramic diversities of India.

From the lands beyond
the sea and mist,
where history was born
and gods made tryst.

Devam, a US-based company which has specialized in designing unique, handcrafted fine jewelry for generations, approached Moonlight for the production of an upscale Brand Film. Devam has been crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that are much more than adornment for its clients., and being such lovers of the original, wanted to portray the authentic Indian heritage of Devam, linking its roots to the rustic, organic philosophies they hold.

The key to high-end jewelry is understanding that precious stones hold human vibrations and energy. That is why Devam continuously emphasizes the importance of every single piece not only being hand-crafted, but by jewelers who carry the tradition in their blood. 

The philosophy of Devam, therefore, is that of care and luxury wrapped around true, genuine art. Moonlight's brand film exemplifies these emotions, mixing the beautiful landscape of India's ancient cities, the shining smiles of those living in them, and the constant, rhythmic beat of heritage and tradition thriving everywhere you turn.

Telling the Devam story required extensive research on the jewelry and saree industry: our project coordinators went into deep scouting to find the most genuine crafters around the cities, learning each intricate detail on the process of creating beautiful, semi-precious and precious jewelry. The brand film ended up being shot in Jodhpur, Varanasi, Kanchipuram and Bikaner.

The film is weaved together by a poem that Moonlight exclusively wrote for Devam, which expresses a story of history, art, souls, and the rhythm of India; a rhythm that Devam carries.

where days dwell
in the rhythm of looms
where peacocks sing
and colors bloom

where years fade
but ages arise
the timeless lives
as the timely dies

Post-production was all about tying together our collection of beautiful footage to express heritage, but in a way that US citizens, who make up most of Devam's clients, could relate to. Tradition mixed with luxury; craft mixed with upscale precision and beauty.

Along with the brand film, Moonlight was also asked to reimagine the Devam logo, and fuse the feelings of craft, precision and ethereal beauty in the already designed logotype. The symmetry and craftsmanship of the logo was the basis of our final concept. The color palette of the animation was directly based on Devam's existing beautiful brand identity as designed by London based agency Twin Dots.

This film has been appreciated in the United States and Belgium, Devam's main two offices, and has led to several new projects with the company, including a social media campaign and further films on the detailed process of crafting Devam's timeless works.

from those alleys
homes and walls
where life lives
and bliss befalls

the land is one
but the crafts vary
we bring from there
handmade luxury.
© 2018 | Moonlight Pictures